For decades data has been delivered on its own.  Mag tapes.  IBM 3480 cartridges.  FTP.  All going to disconnected endpoints.  Lettershops.  Service Bureaus.  Call Centers.  Marketing Data Warehouse providers.  On premise systems.  And that was fine.  That was the way we always did business.

And then the cloud came along.

Today the endpoints for data more and more are CRM and Marketing Automation providers in the cloud.  Salesforce. Oracle On Demand. Marketo. Sugar. SAP. Microsoft Dynamics. Zoho.  And more. Many more.  Cloud platforms are extensible, and your customers have come to expect services with great integration experiences within their business processes.

But not for data.  Your customers still feel the pain and workload of importing and exporting data for offline syncs, field creation, managing updates and bringing in prospecting data.  Day after day.  Every time your data updates.  Every time they need new prospects to keep the top of the funnel full or their sales reps dialing.

Integrating your data solutions to the myriad of Cloud Platforms is an ever expanding problem.  Each integration could cost you upwards of $1 Million to build and support.  It could take you 3 to 5 years and over $10 Million top connect to today's most popular enterprise clouds.  And in 3 to 5 years you will be up to speed with today's platforms.  But there will be dozens of new ones by then.

The market is running away from you.  You need a shortcut.

Datarista is a PaaS platform purpose built for Sales & Marketing Data Providers.  Datarista's cloud first platform is purpose built to integrate Sales & Marketing data to Cloud Based CRM and Marketing Automation platforms.

One low cost integration to connect to the clouds.

Datarista offers:

  • API Data Consumption or File Hosting
  • Matching
  • Enhancement (Append)
  • Single Record Search
  • Prospecting (List Building)
  • Managed Updates throughout the life of the license

All done in an automated cloud platform built for Data Sales.  Want to learn more?  Click here.