The Datarista platform is built with a microservices architecture, hosted in the cloud, and deployed using the latest containerization technologies. Our fully automated integration, testing and deployment pipeline enables us to deliver new platform features and enhancements almost daily and with no service interruptions.

All Datarista platform services are configured to automatically scale out across additional machines to stay ahead of demand. By intelligently distributing data and processing across our infrastructure, we deliver high performance, availability and scalability with no compromises.



The Datarista platform implements state-of-the-art record matching to achieve the highest possible match rates, with the lowest number of false-positives. Enhancements to our matching algorithms are made available to customers automatically.



End users access matching and prospecting functionality within their familiar CRM experiences. Datarista integrates natively with leading CRM and MA platforms and offers an API for customers wishing to create custom integrations with other systems.  SDKs built on this API will soon be available for popular languages such as Python, Java, C#, JavaScript/NodeJS, Go, Scala and more.

Providers can configure their data sets, SKUs and customer contracts in a simple, intuitive web-based UI.  Up-to-the-second statistics on customer matching and prospecting operations — including detailed information on matched and unmatched records — is available at any time. The underlying provider administration API allows all provider functionality and reporting to be automated and integrated with existing systems.



End users never have to wait for data. Whether they are enhancing a single record or prospecting against a large provider data set, they can expect lightning-fast response times.

The Datarista platform's auto-scaling, distributed architecture enables lightning-fast response times, regardless of the volume of data being searched or the number of simultaneous searches.  Bulk matching or prospecting operations begin to push results into the customer’s CRM within seconds, and most bulk operations are completed within a few minutes.

Datarista creates proprietary indexes of provider data in advance, to ensure that end-user queries are as fast as possible.  A history of matches (and misses) against customer data is stored in the Datarista platform, speeding future operations and allowing CRM end-users to receive push notifications when matched records are updated or new matches become available.



Data providers can count on having their data available from within customer CRM instances at all times.  Geo-distributed, redundant hosting in the cloud ensures that Datarista services are always available to end users. In the rare case of a problem, our state-of-the-art monitoring infrastructure alerts our 24x7 operations team immediately.  All data is backed up daily.



Audit logs are kept for all operations, for both customers and data providers. The Datarista platform incorporates industrial-grade encryption and intrusion detection. In addition, every matching or prospecting request is authorized in real time against a customer-provider contract. Providers maintain full control over which records and fields are available to customers for each data set and SKU.



Providers can take full advantage of the Datarista platform by hosting their data within the platform. Alternatively, providers can enhance their existing data access APIs with Datarista’s contract authorization, SKU management, API request throttling and more. In either case, Datarista provides seamless integration of record enhancement and prospecting functionality within all the leading CRM and MA platforms.  With a single integration, data providers can reach customers on every CRM/MA platform.