Reinventing Data Delivery

Connecting Sales & Marketing Data Providers to CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms

Learn how to dynamically connect your data products to increase your data velocity and utility.

Seamless Integration

Datarista makes it easy for you to integrate your data on platforms like Salesforce, Marketo, and Eloqua without the costly overhead.

Automated Append and Update

Datarista matches your data to your customer's data and appends the licensed fields. Datarista also automatically updates any changes to your data in your customer's business process.

Prospecting Tools

Give your customers the ability to search and add new net records to their business process.

What We Do

How We Do It

Datarista's Data-as-a-Service Platform is custom built for Data Providers giving them a single resource to enable integrations into the most popular CRM and Marketing Automation platforms with clicks not code. With Datarista, any Data Provider can get to market in just weeks and at a fraction of the cost of building custom integrations. Our platform allows for full and partial file installs, standard sets of fields or custom deployments based on the customer's needs without the Data Provider's engineering resources. Ask for a demo to see just how easy we make it to integrate your data quickly and inexpensively.

Who We Are

Based In Providence, RI, Datarista is a small startup with a big idea. Since 2015, Datarista has been developing a platform that provides real time, relevant 3rd party data delivery, integrated within your customer’s Cloud Based CRM and Marketing Automation platforms. Not another channel play, we offer a service extension for the data providers to enable their sales teams to sell an end to end solution. Your customers can now have your data updated automatically, do single record searches to download leads and use list builder functionality to build prospecting lists, all integrated into their CRM or Marketing Automation platform.

Our Team

Pat Sabatino

Founder and CEO

    Dave Costantino

    CTO, Lead Architect

      Nitish Devadiga

      Principal Software Engineer

        Amanda Carter

        Senior Data Engineer


          "When Pat Sabatino approached us with his vision for a universal data transformation and integration tool that would allow real time updating of critical data across (eventually) dozens of different CRM systems and marketing automation platforms, we were the very first company to sign up. Pat has accomplished in a single year’s time what others have spent many years just discussing. Speed to lead is the future of our industry and being able to integrate at scale with all the main productivity systems of the modern market is truly a game changer."

          – Peter Long, MCH Strategic Data

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