Connecting Sales & Marketing Data Providers to CRM and Marketing Automation Clouds


Welcome to Datarista!

Datarista is reinventing how third-party sales & marketing data providers deliver data to their customers.  The Datarista platform provides real time, relevant third party data delivery, integration and update services for both enhancement and prospecting inside of the most popular CRM and Marketing Automation platforms.  Datarista is a service extension for the data providers to enable their sales teams to sell an end-to-end solution.

Datarista is PaaS for your DaaS! Continue on for more information!

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The Datarista platform is built with a microservices architecture, hosted in the cloud, and deployed using the latest containerization technologies. Our fully automated integration, testing and deployment pipeline enables us to deliver new platform features and enhancements almost daily and with no service interruptions.

All Datarista platform services are configured to automatically scale out across additional machines to stay ahead of demand. By intelligently distributing data and processing across our infrastructure, we deliver high performance, availability and scalability with no compromises.

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Datarista is building a PaaS platform to reinvent how third-party sales and marketing data providers deliver data to their customers. The Datarista platform will provide data providers integration services for adding and enhancing Account, Contacts and Leads with cloud based CRM and Marketing Automation platforms.  Data providers will be able to offer data enhancement (append), single record search, prospecting (list building) and automated updates within their customer's business process eliminating data exporting and importing, offline matching and other time consuming manual processes.

The company is building a team for its Providence, RI based headquarters.  These are "first 10” employee opportunities with a company on the leading edge of the emerging Vertical PaaS space.  Datarista will be the first to move into this vertical and there is a healthy roadmap for long term product growth developed by its founder, a 30 year commercial data and CRM professional.

Looking to get in on the ground floor of something exciting? See if you're a fit for our open positions!

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